OpenSceneGraph 3.3.0 development release

OpenSceneGraph-3.3.0, released on 3rd October 2013, key deliverables in this dev release are:

  • New osg::ScriptEnginer/osg::Script base classes for integrating scripting support
  • New Lua plugin that provides a LuaScriptEngine implementation that uses osgDB serializers via a new osgDB::PropertInterface class to passing/returning scene graph data to scripts
  • Preliminary V8 and Python script plugins, currently just run standalone scripts, no support for passing in/returning scene graph data
  • osgpresentation example provides a test bed for new PropertyInterface, scripting and osgPresentation work.
  • New osgUtil::RayIntersector class
  • Bug and build fixes

source package :

svn tag: svn co OpenSceneGraph