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This forum is a gateway to the OpenSceneGraph mailing list, hence for the messages posted on the forum the same etiquette rules applies as for any other email message. Following is a small overview how to be a good forum/mailing list user.

    1. Don't use cryptic names in your profile.
      Remember that your messages are visible to other people in the community. They would like to know who is the who to be able to track the thread appropriately. Setup a valid "Realname" in your profile so that messages forwarded to the mailing list are signed properly. Users with cryptic names like "WK" (e.g. Wilhelm Kranz) would be suspended until they change it to appropriate value. Also because our community is big and there could be a lot of Pauls, Peters etc, you are asked to setup both names, first and last name!
      Note: setup valid realname, username can be chosen freely.
      Anonymization tips: Realname could also be a pseudonym, however it should be persistent through your all communication. Disable "Always show my realname" in your profile settings, then your name would not be visible on forum pages if you like to hide the connection between your realname and username. However it will still be used in emails sent from forum to the mailing list. Please refer to this thread to see what is required.
    2. Choose appropriate thread topic.
      Write clear, organized messages, with a subject line that gives enough information for the reader to file it and find it later.
    3. First think then send.
      Imagine your message on a billboard. Anything you send can be forwarded, saved and printed by people it was never intended for. Never send anything that will reflect badly on you or anyone else.
    4. Don't use uncivil language.
      Avoid offensive comments. Anything obscene, libelous, offensive or racist does not belong in an email, even as a joke.
    5. Check for possible misinterpretation.
      Keep your message Cool. Email messages can easily be misinterpreted because we don't have the tone of voice or body language to gives us further cues. Using multiple explanation points, emoticons, and words in all capital letters can be interpreted as emotional language.
    6. Think twice before forward foreign message.
      Be careful about forwarding messages. If you aren't sure if the original sender would want to forward the message, don't do it.
    7. Be patient, posts are not answered immediately.
      Don't expect an answer right away. Email messages may be delivered quickly, but your recipient may not read it right away.
    8. Read twice before posting.
      Don't sacrifice accuracy for efficiency. Don't send sloppy, unedited email. Experts say that for every grammar mistake in an email, there's an average of three spelling mistakes. While the odd spelling mistake is overlooked, when your readers have to break communication to decipher a word or message, at best, you'll look slopping, if not illiterate. At worst, they may stop reading.
    9. Don't use CAPS only, this is ridiculous.
      Don't type in all CAPS. It's perceived as YELLING. However, don't write with only small letters, as this is perceived as your being lazy, because it makes it more difficult for people to read.
    10. You have to post at least 2 messages, before you can post URLs or create signatures.
      Due to spamming we have to prevent new users of being able to post any URLs or create signatures. User is automatically allowed to post URLs in their messages as soon as he/she has posted at least two posts.