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The OpenSceneGraph community have spread a lot of quality videos around several streamming services like youtube, vimeo, etc.. This is only a small sample of what OpenSceneGraph can do. To know more about the authors or the projects related to this videos follow the video links to see them in their respectives streamming services.

Mobile Devices

Android devices

Video demostrating OSG working in different android devices A integration test OSG+Vuforia OSG running on Acer Iconia

iOS devices

OSG running on an iPad.(The user-interface is generated by another lib) OSG for iOS + uMundo  to synchronize camera transformation matrices between the viewers. osgCal in iOS simulator

NodeKits and external libraries


Ocean rendering using osgOcean Underwater submarine simulator created as part of the VENUS project. Created using the OpenSceneGraph and osgOcean libraries.


Some of the capabilities of the osgBullet v2.0 osgBullet test

Peripheral devices


Kinect+OpenNI+OSG Kinect point cloud visualizer