OpenSceneGraph 3.1.9 development release

OpenSceneGraph-3.1.9, released on 2nd July 2013, key deliverables in this dev release are:

  • Support for glPrimitiveRestartIndex with new osg::PrimitiveRestartIndex StateAttribute.
  • Support for glVertexAttribLPointer and  glVertexAttribIPointer, utilized via osg::Array::setPreserveDataType(true);
  • New Vec3ub, Vec3us, Vec4us, Vec2ub and Vec2us array data classes
  • Clean up of deprecated usage of osg::Geometry.
  • New more powerful osgoit example that demonstrates how to implement order independent transparency.
  • Support for custom versioning of user serializers to allow 3rd party to version extension to native OSG serializer based formats.
  • Warning fixes
  • Many bug and build fixes

source package :

svn tag: svn co OpenSceneGraph